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Installing and Using DocIcon for SharePoint 2010

This guide will walk you through installing the DocIcon for SharePoint 2010 solution.

Why We Built It

During the public beta, we noticed that some of our sites weren't working the way we expected. When we clicked on the Word document link, nothing happened! We figured this was just an oversight that would be fixed in the released version of SharePoint, however Microsoft announced it was By Design.

Since a lot of our 2007 sites relied on icons functioning as links, we had two choices: redesign the sites and retrain the users, or figure out how to change the behavior in SharePoint 2010. Stacy came up with such an elegant solution we decided to share it with the world. A few lines of XSL and bang, we were back in business!

How It Works

DocIcon for SharePoint 2010 installs an XSL file in the /layouts/xsl folder that overrides the standard behavior of the docIcon field type. The solution deploys this file using a standard SharePoint solution built in Visual Studio 2010.

How to Install

To install this solution:
  1. Download the release from this site.
  2. Copy the download to an install folder on you SharePoint Central Administration server.
  3. Unzip the package
  4. Run a command prompt As Administrator.
  5. Within the command prompt, CD to the folder where you unzipped the package.
  6. Run the following command: install_docicon.cmd
  7. The command script will add and deploy the solution.

To uninstall this solution:
  1. Connect to your SharePoint Central Administration server.
  2. Run a command prompt As Administrator.
  3. Within the command prompt, CD to the folder where you unzipped the package.
  4. Run the following command: uninstall_docicon.cmd
  5. The command script will retract and delete the solution.

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